Milo’s Burden Launched


Milo’s Burden was officially launched on 18 May 2016. I would like to thank my friends and family who joined me to celebrate this wonderful occasion. I would also like to thank the Hunter River Memorial Library – a marvelous venue with a marvelous librarian.

Here are excerpts from my introductory comments as well as a few photos from the event:

“I began Milo’s story in 1988… – some of you may not even have been born yet! Back then, writing was a shiny new toy for me to play with, and Milo’s Burden evolved in step with my growing skill as a writer. I once read that, to learn the craft, an aspiring writer has to pen one million words. This seemed impossible until I added up the number of edits I‘ve made to 80,000-word manuscripts!

“My first book, For a Song, was awarded second place in the adult fiction category at a recent Atlantic Writing Competition, and I believe this accomplishment led to its publication in 2014. It seemed as though a portal to the publishing world had opened for me and Milo’s Burden was accepted for publication in just 72 minutes by Double Dragon Publishing. Its publisher, Deron Douglas created the gorgeous and intriguing cover art for both of my books. Thank you, Deron.

Peggy Hogan with the cover art of her two novels
Peggy Hogan with the cover art of her two novels

“An old friend and now full-time illustrator, April Caverhill, took my pencil scratches of Milo’s world and transformed them into a work of art. Thank you, April.

Map of Known Méadhon
Illustrated by April Caverhill

“My father gave me my very first fantasy fiction book when I was about fourteen. I’ve never looked back; I was hooked not only on fantasy but on books and words and how they came together to create whole new worlds for me to explore. And so I’ve dedicated Milo’s story to my father, John Hogan, who continues to inspire me.

Peggy Hogan reads a scene from Milo's Burden
Peggy Hogan reads a scene from Milo’s Burden

“Milo’s sister, Shondral, begins to feel that she, too, might have the ability to wield Lifefire. But that moment, that instant of revelation, is difficult to capture – you just don’t have anything to compare it to. How does it feel? Music is all about feeling, and with a little help from my brother, Dan, I wrote Girl in a Glass.”

Peggy Hogan performs her original song

Peggy Hogan performs her original song

And on that ‘note,’ I would once again like to thank everyone for their support.

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