In which a singer saves the world

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In For a Song, Blat (an unfortunate name for a singer) stumbles upon an entire race of people that needs saving, and recruits a brilliant, manic‑depressive scientist. Their enemy is the sinister Brothers of the Watch whose leader wants what every evildoer wants―power over everyone and everything―and through mind control, has the wherewithal to accomplish this. Blat craves the love of a woman who is a good friend and ignorant of his feelings. Whether he admits it or not, he will go to any length to impress her, even if he dies trying. To Blat’s great advantage, the leader of the Brothers knows nothing of this kind of power.

What they are saying about For a Song

For a Song imaginatively created an alternate reality, but one in which, like our own world, pure ideology takes those hungriest for power far from their good intentions, with disastrous consequences for everyone. The plot was suspenseful, funny, and was carried along with a beautiful sense of wonder from page 1.

You have such a lovely turn of phrase―paints pictures in one’s imagination! A pleasure to read.

I finished For a Song today and was mesmerized by the adventures of Blat. I could not imagine how you could conceive this diverse cast of characters and exquisite plot for the story. I just loved your book.

It’s brilliant! I was hooked. I carried it in my purse, read it when I could, made excuses to be alone with your story. It was such a joy to read.

For a Song – Chapter 01

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