Do what you can; forget the odds

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Flotsy is cursed.

Dark, violent visions assault her dreams, visions that foresee the future. For a young girl in a small fishing village this is taboo. At seventeen, she boards a bus to somewhere no one knows of her and her curse. The city is at once alarming and exciting, and her visions are quiescent for a time. All too soon, they erupt again, and she is driven from place to place craving that short respite when she first arrives.

At last she finds a modicum of peace in the Arizona desert, but her fragile tranquility is shattered by the sudden appearance of Joe, also cursed: he must do whatever the voice in his head demands, and it now demands that he join forces with Flotsy. They must thwart a powerful, psychotic man from stealing the water of a vital aquifer. Abruptly, Flotsy is shattered by a vision. An entity immobilizes her with its intensity and extreme need to make itself understood. Worse, its plea is intertwined with Joe’s absurd demand.

Flotsy sees things she can’t control; Joe does things he can’t control. What could they possibly do together?

What they are saying about Flotsy

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading your latest work… I particularly liked the kinetic pace of the story and the cast of characters. The settings in the American Southwest were a treat and reminiscent of several road trips I’ve taken to New Mexico and Arizona.

I was reading as fast as I could to find out what was going to happen next!

Flotsy – Chapter 1

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