Full-Length Reading of Milo’s Burden is Recorded


Volunteers from the Village of Valemount, BC, spent many an hour reading and recording the entire manuscript of Milo’s Burden (known as Lifefire: The Re‑Birth at that time). Some of the readers who participated in this project included the Mayor, the local Bank Manager, high school teachers and students, and a published writer. It was thrilling to hear the characters’ voices come alive. I was truly touched when one of the readers was inspired to illustrate many of the scenes described in the manuscript. With assistance from staff at the Valemount community television station, we combined the voices with the illustrations and, together, created a video.

The entire experience was exciting, fun, and satisfying for the 18 people who read, and was a huge compliment to me. A copy of the video was subsequently added to the collection of the local library.


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